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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2011!

Black Beauty is Officially Dead!

January 1, 2011

Black Beauty,25, Illinois died Wednesday, December 29th in the driveway to her home follwing extensive health problems. Burial yet to be determined. Memorials may be made to the family. Black Beauty was born in Wayne, Michigan in 1985 and had a total of four owners in her 25 years.

Survivors include her driver Gary and passengers Paula, Ausin, Ryan, Nick and Logan all of Illinois. Online condolences may be expressed to Black Beauty’s family here at Gary’s World. May she rest in peace!

Photo of the Day – 11/12/10

November 12, 2010


Things Are Not Always As They Appear!

November 12, 2010

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Photo of the Day – 11/11/10

November 11, 2010


Logan’s Simple Equation

November 11, 2010

My son Logan learned how to ride a bicycle last summer without the use of training wheels. Like most five year olds, he started out pretty wobbly when riding and had a hard time turning but the more he rode the better he became. This summer, Logan rode his bike around the resort like he had been riding a bicycle since the day he was born. He could ride his bike from 7am until 10pm like it was nothing and never skipped a beat. Once he got on his bike I knew I wasn’t going to see him until he got hungry and like most six year olds, he can go a long time without eating.

I think it’s fair to say that ALL kids unknowingly create a simple equation for themselves after learning to ride a bicycle.

Learning to ride a bicycle + Gaining confidence on the bicycle = Doing something stupid and having an accident

Example 1: Kid learns to ride a bicycle on his/her own + kid gains confidence on bicycle over time = Kid builds ramp out of wood and bricks…..wood breaks or bricks move…..kid flies off front of bike and needs ride to emergency room.

Example 2: Kid learns to ride a bicycle on his/her own + kid gains confidence on bicycle over time = Kid does the old “look mom no hands” trick and face plants into a parked Buick…..kid needs ride to emergency room.

Sound familiar? I thought so!

One morning this past summer, Logan and I walked out of the camper wondering what we would do that day. He quickly informed me of all the plans he and his friends made the day before so I was on my own. I took a seat at the picnic table and watched him jump on his bike, turn his handle bars TOTALLY around and start to pedal away. “WAIT” I shouted after seeing him turn his handle bars around. He stopped and gave me a look as if to say “I have no time for this dad. I have places to go and people to see.” “Turn your handle bars around son, your going to have an accident” I advised. “I do this all the time dad, I’ll be fine” he insisted. I gave him one last piece of advice before he left hoping he would heed my warning, “Logan, you better listen to me and turn those handle bars around”. He just looked at me and peddled away with his handle bars totally turned around the wrong way.

Right after Logan rode out of sight, my next door neighbor George took off in the same direction on his golf cart. We waved to one another and wished each other a good morning. I picked up my coffee cup and started sipping my coffee and reached for a smoke. I lit my cig and started hearing a child’s cry getting closer and closer to me. The next thing I know, George pulls up with a scared, blood covered and crying Logan. His face was almost totally covered in blood!

I ran over to the golf cart, grabbed Logan off the cart and saw my buddy Billy out of the corner of my eye. George said he fell of his bike and he was going to go get his bike and bring it back to the camper. I thanked him and asked Billy to give us a ride to the hospital. We hopped into Billy’s truck and I started cleaning him up as best I could with a hand towel Billy had in his truck so I could see just how bad he was hurt. On the way to the hospital, I got Logan calmed down enough to stop crying and before we knew it we arrived at the hospital.

Logan ended up looking like he went a few rounds with Mike Tyson but was in good spirits. He received six stitches above his lip and four on his forehead along with some other scrapes and a nice big fat lip. He, much like me must learn the hard way instead of listening to good ole dad. He now rides his bike with his handle bars turned the correct way. 🙂


November 11, 2010

Photo of the Day – 11/10/10

November 10, 2010

“Country Girl”

Poop Bucket

November 10, 2010

Photo of the Day – 11/09/10

November 9, 2010

“Just a Peek”

I had the pleasure of shooting senior photos this past Sunday for a young lady from the resort we camp at. Her name is Chelsea and she is a natural in front of the camera! Not only is she as cute as a bug in a rug, but she needed almost no direction from her photographer. A future model perhaps????

I will be sharing some of MY favorite photos from this photo shoot as my photo of the day this week so stay tuned for more.