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Just Curious 02/25/10: Ms. President

February 25, 2010



Is it likely that the U.S. will have a female president in the near future? In your lifetime?

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  1. February 25, 2010 12:47 AM

    Yes, I think so. I only hope it is not a hockey mom. 🙂

  2. mad hatter tosha... permalink
    February 25, 2010 12:54 AM

    Anything is possible..

  3. S. Le permalink
    February 25, 2010 8:28 AM

    It’s possible I suppose. I agree with Ellen!

  4. February 25, 2010 9:51 AM

    It could happen.

  5. February 25, 2010 10:41 AM


  6. February 25, 2010 11:04 AM

    I think it is very possible. I have to say I hope it is a Hockey Mom.

  7. February 25, 2010 12:58 PM

    I think it will happen and even hope it does. If there is anything this country needs, it’s change. Obama promised change but things have only changed for the worse.

  8. February 25, 2010 7:03 PM

    LMAO things would change at least once a month if a woman gets in there..unless you get a post menopausal one in there. Hell don’t put me in there..we’ll be kicking somebody’s ass on a daily basis!

  9. Tammy permalink
    February 25, 2010 9:19 PM

    I wouldn’t want a woman as president because I don’t want to see a “First Gentleman” in the White House. I can’t imagine a man hosting a White House dinner for world leaders. That is just too weird to think about.

  10. Sue permalink
    February 26, 2010 12:53 PM

    I’m sure it could happen.

  11. Tasneem R permalink
    March 8, 2010 12:30 AM

    Why not !? Women rocks! A woman President will do wonders . 🙂

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