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Cubs Win Series In Milwaukee

April 13, 2009

chicago_cubs_baseballThe Cubs won two out of three games to win the series with the Brewers in Milwaukee this past weekend. The series was tied at one game a piece going into last night’s game.

Alfonso Soriano nailed his 51st career leadoff homer and Reed Johnson made the catch of the season when he robbed Prince Fielder of a potential grand slam.

Dempster struck out six and served up six hits, including a home run to Corey Hart in the fourth, over six innings. But it was the hit that got away from Fielder that was the talk of the game. Johnson had come into the game in the fourth for Milton Bradley, who had to leave because of a strained right groin. The Brewers loaded the bases with none out, and Fielder drove the ball to right. Johnson made a perfectly timed leap, reaching over the eight-foot-high wall to snare the ball.

Fielder saluted Johnson with a tip of his batting helmet as he walked off the field which was pretty damn classy of him!

The Cubs won’t know Bradley’s status until Monday. They should get catcher Geovany Soto back on Wednesday. Soto has missed time with a sore shoulder. For the first time since 1988, the Cubs have taken the first two road series of the season.

The Cubs go home to Wrigley for a two game series with the Colorado Rockies starting at 1:20pm today. This is the Cubs’ home opener. Hopefully the rain will subside so they can play ball!!

Go Cubs!

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  1. April 14, 2009 6:52 AM

    WooHoo!! I’ll be happy for ya even though it’s the wrong team 🙂

    • April 14, 2009 10:45 AM

      “the wrong team”….HA! You kill me Joy!!! 😉

  2. April 14, 2009 9:59 AM

    I actually watched the Cubbies play and thought of you!!! Our Twinkies aren’t doing half bad! 🙂 I’m just so sick of hearing people say, “Why can’t the Twins play better? What’s wrong with them?” BLAH BLAH BLAH…..get off the band wagon then, no one is forcing you to watch or be a fan!!! They’re a young team, and I have faith in them as always! AND as always I get to hear it’s the CUBS year!! I think I hear that every year!! LOL

    • April 14, 2009 10:52 AM

      You watched the Cubbies play?? Well, I just like you that much more now Nikki!! Now if you could just get your mother-in-law to watch. LOL

      Yeah, the Twins aren’t doing too bad. They are looking pretty good! It’s pretty early of course but they are looking pretty good so far. They are at .375 right now but they can improve that pretty quickly this early in the season.

      Yeah yeah yeah…’s the Cubs’ year this year and last year and the year before that. It’s that DAMN GOAT CURSE!!!!

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