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Movie Review: “Body Of Lies”

February 23, 2009


  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Roger Ferris
  • Russell Crowe as Ed Hoffman
  • Mark Strong as Hani Pasha
  • Golshifteh Farahani as Aisha

Rated: R

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller


Roger Ferris (DiCaprio) is a CIA operative working in the Special Activities Division. He is in Iraq trying to track down a terrorist called Al Saleem. While following a lead, Ferris’ good friend is killed during a car chase involving terrorists, rocket-propelled grenades and two missile-firing U.S. helicopters. Ferris recovers from his injuries at a U.S. facility in Qatar before he is sent to Jordan to run down some intelligence he recovered in Iraq. Meanwhile, unknown terrorists plan a series of bus bombings in but blow themselves up when the police find their cell. Later, another terrorist undertakes a cell phone-triggered bombing in an Amsterdam flower market that kills at least 75 people.

Ferris’ handler, Ed Hoffman (Crowe), keeps tabs on Ferris via a UAV, (unmanned aerial vehicle). Hoffman explains to his CIA superiors how terrorists are turning their back on technology by throwing away their phones and computers and using old methods of communicating face-to-face and with written messages. Because of this, the terrorists are very hard to track.

In Jordan, Ferris meets Hani Salaam, head of the Jordanian General Intelligence Department (GID) who tells Ferris to never lie to him. Hoffman finds an Al Saleem safehouse in Jordan and tells Ferris to conduct a surveillance operation on it. However, Hoffman organizes another CIA operative to conduct an operation without Ferris’ consent. The other agent screws the operation up and blows his cover after saying something compromising to a terrorist from the safehouse. The terrorist takes off running, intent on relaying information that the safehouse is being watched. Ferris chases him down and kills him by stabbing him, getting bitten by dogs in the process. Hani covers up the killing by passing it off as a robbery and Ferris accuses Hoffman of running “side operations”, telling Hoffman to lay off.

Ferris meanwhile goes to hospital to tend to his wounds. While in the hospital he meets a nurse named Aisha (Golshifteh Farahani), and he gradually falls in love with her.

Ferris comes up with a plan to make contact with the terrorist Al Saleem by staging a significant terrorist attack, the logic being that Al Saleem will hear about this attack and try to make contact with the terrorist group who committed it. With the help of one of Hoffman’s CIA friends, Ferris is able to frame a Jordanian architect named Omar Sadiki by posing as a financier contracting a bank’s construction in the UAE, making him look like the head of a terrorist cell.

Does Ferris’ plan work?  Does Ferris complete his mission and capture Al Saleem?  What role does Aisha play in this plan?  What’s next for Ferris and Hoffman?  You will have to watch the movie to find the answer to these puzzling questions.  😉

I liked this movie a lot!  It’s FULL of action and suspense and I found it to be believable.  I have always been one for a good spy and espianage movie.  You do have to pay pretty close attention to the movie as it can be confusing at times.  It’s also a rather long movie at 128 minutes but I never felt the movie had dull moments or scenes that should have been omitted.  The interrigation of Ferris scene is a real nailbiter!  I found the acting to be FANTASTIC and the teaming of DiCaprio and Crowe was a perfect combination!!

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. February 23, 2009 8:03 AM

    I agree with you on this one , too…Gary. I watched it last Friday night, along with Quarantine~~~~~. I did not like Crowe’s character. He played it well. The actors ALL did a great job! Great review! *)*

  2. February 23, 2009 9:31 AM

    I want to see this movie so I scrolled down and didn’t read this. I like to be surprised in movies and didn’t know what this was going to say. I’ll came back after I see it. I may rent it this afternoon on pay preview.

    • February 23, 2009 11:30 AM

      Yeah, drop by and let me know what you though Joy!! 🙂

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