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24 more hours? Awww maaan!

January 8, 2009

I read back in October of last year that my favorite photographer/post processing GOD Jesh De Rox is launching a new web site called “Enlighten” and is offering his new “Colorshift” Photoshop actions for purchase.  I was so excited I could hardly stand it.  Anyone familiar with Jesh KNOWS that ANYTHING he offers is WELL worth a look.  His fine art textures are FANTASTIC and I use them often.  The release of the new website was to be the first week of November 2008.

The first week of November came and went with no mention of the new website.  No mention of it on his blog anywhere.  Being an impatient person, I checked his blog almost daily to see if it was released or to find ANYTHING more about it.  Nothing….notta….until FINALLY….two days ago….Jesh announced that the new Enlighten site would be released in 48 hours!  SWEET!  I can’t wait!

Today, the day the new site was to be launched mind you, I checked his blog about 10 times and nothing.  Finally tonight, there was a new post.  Here is the post and I quote…..

“hello friends ; )

some last minute COLORSHIFT pre-launch testing revealed a few kinks in the order process on the new Enlighten site. we expect to launch within 24 hours, but i will keep you posted : )

thank you!”

Translation: We are having problems with the web site that was to be launched two months ago and we still aren’t sure when we will be up and running but we will let ya know.

Jesh!  Your killing me here buddy!  LOL

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