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Could this day get any better?

January 5, 2009

What a great day!

I have been waiting for this day for over two weeks now and it has finally arrived.  An old Pointer Sisters song has been running through my mind all day like hamsters on an exercise wheel.

“I’m so excited….and I just can’t hide it….I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.”

What event(s) are causing all this bliss?  There are two of them actually.

  1. Christmas vacation is OVER and the kids have gone back to school!  YEAH!
  2. The season premiere of Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations is on tonight!  YEAH!

I spent all day listening to the sweet SWEET sound of silence and in just a couple short hours, I will be sitting in my favorite chair watching my boy Tony hanging with the locals of Puebla and Mexico City eating who knows what, drinking Tecate and making “snarky” remarks.  What are the chances of these two monumental events happening on the same day??  Its mind boggling I tell ya.

OK, ok so I live a rather uneventful life but cut me some slack huh?  I’m getting old here.

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